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  • Much of my joy these days is because of Better Beyond. I read about Diane’s programs in Reader’s Digest and couldn’t resist checking out her website. I was dealing with enormous stress about growing older and not being where I wanted to be in my career. Today, I know how to balance work and life far better. Diane, you rock! –Tracy Andrews, 50, Chicago
  • I cannot begin to tell you how much the Midlife Mindshift has helped me. This has proven to me, that it’s okay to dream again. –Janice D., 51, Miami
  • Diane your coaching changed my life. After our kids went off to college, my husband and I were faced with the growing dissatisfaction of our relationship. We weren’t living together, we were existing together. Your coaching was the turning point for me when I knew I had to make a positive change. It took a lot of work and effort but Robert and I are like honeymooners once again and we have you to thank. -Pat Freeze, 54, Detroit
  • "The most important thing to understand is that there can be happiness, ease, joy and glory even after what could be one of the most devastating experiences of your life, mid-life divorce. Diane Adkins will literally take you by the hand and guide you through ways, strategies and ideas about how to deal, negotiate and ultimately thrive with your next wave of life. What most of us don’t realize is that sometimes there are blessings hiding within what seems like trauma and drama, but what Diane and her wonderful info and attitude does is to help us focus our attention on what’s good, what’s important ...Diane gives us the practical tools to use in our everyday lives to become more, to become the actualization of our best selves...We are always on a growth spectrum and sometimes even after years of a static life, everything can be undone, unglued and turned upside down. What do you do when this happens? It can become your greatest nightmare or an opportunity for you to shine brighter than you ever have in your life. I wholeheartedly recommend that you give you a chance of becoming more than you’ve ever dreamed by allowing Diane Adkins to take you on a journey of lifetime. Read her e-books, spend time learning on her site, study her strategies, her ideas and suggestions and soar higher than your wildest dreams. Life does not end because of what may seem to be tragic circumstances; in fact, it can be just the beginning. It can indeed be Better Beyond……" - Denise B.
  • Diane, wow, what a weekend! I was so excited about your Divorce Recovery Roadmap that I completed all of the modules in three days!– Jenny Gluck, 45, Manhattan
  • No one wants to think that their "soul mate" is going to up and book on them after decades of marriage. When we say those vows, many of us really mean it with all our heart and soul. My very best friend has been absolutely devastated as her long-term marriage ended, pretty abruptly, this past year and I have been trying to help. We have both read Diane Adkins "Rewriting Your Happily Ever After" and this is the most helpful guide to post-divorce recovery I have seen yet, particularly for those considered "middle aged". Written by someone who has been there, this is a great guide that takes the new divorcee through the various stages of the divorce, grieving, letting go, finding a new attitude, and starting over. Some very inspirational and insightful information here. Highly recommended. - Tricia A
  • "After my husband left and asked for a divorce I felt as if the whole world had come crashing down on me. I was in a panic, upset and not sure how I was going to make it thru it all. I had been married so long, and now instead of facing the future I had planned, I was again a single women. The information found on this site is both inspiring and powerful. It should make women who are going through the same thing much stronger." - Hope Richardson, Warminster, PA
  • Often it is hard to see past the negatives that plague life, especially when more than one is thrown at you. Seeing through these and using them as a spring board to bettering yourself is often not at the top of the list, since we're too busy trying to mitigate the pain that they cause. But by using Diane Adkins' guides, tips, and strategies, getting through the negatives, whether it be a mid-life crisis or divorce can help turn everything around. I've struggled with seeing the positives in my life and often am upset because I know that a positive mindset can make a world of difference when it comes to being happy. By using Diane's guides, I've been able to slowly catch myself during those negative moments, allowing me to control them. I've been so used to being on a negative “train” that catching these thoughts were difficult – as it had become so normal to be in such a negative state. But with what I have learned from Diane, I am starting to see the benefits of the mindset change I've been needing. - Chantelle C.
  • This website touches women in so many different ways. I needed a swift kick about three years ago and The Midlife Optimist gave it to me! My mindset has truly shifted from caring less to getting right. –Joyce Mueller, 49, Long Beach
  • “A huge heartfelt THANK YOU to Diane and her wonderful wisdom. Her stress solutions are second to none. I have benefited so much – just when I really needed it.” -April Charter, PhD, 43, Seattle
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