• Stress ... You Can Manage It!

    Stress impacts every area of your life (and body), so I wanted to give you some valuable information and a ton of helpful tips  on this website so you can start to stress less! - Coach Diane

  • My Journey Conquering Stress ...

    I know from personal experience that stress can have a dramatic and very negative effect on not only your emotions, but also your physical self.

    Several years back I was working in a highly stressful job. Every day I would wake up and worry about what problems and issues the day would bring. There was always too much to do and too little time to do it. The phone rang off the hook while I was trying to pull together very long, detailed analytical reports for upper management. My stress level was off the charts.

    In addition to my job, I was married, had a teenage daughter and my mother was living with us. Needless to say, the stress in my home life was often equal to or greater than that at my job. Not a great situation – a 24/7 stress fest.

    Well, it didn’t take very long for my body to catch up with my emotional stress and I started experiencing multiple symptoms.

    I started feeling sick and run down all the time. I could hardly make it through the day without taking a nap. Every joint and muscle started hurting and the backaches and migraines were almost a daily occurrence.

    Obviously, I went to the doctor. I actually went to many, many doctors. I had many, many tests and basically was told, in no uncertain terms, I needed to make some major lifestyle changes.

    And, so I did. I decided to leave my corporate job, my husband decided to leave our marriage (another story altogether), I simplified my life by downsizing and creating an environment that was manageable, I started to meditate daily, treated myself to the occasional massage, started journaling, started eating healthy, gave up diet soda, and about 100 other strategies that helped me put myself first (for the first time in a long time) and the results were incredible.

    My stress level evened off…instead of being stressed every single day, 365 days a year…my stress was occasional and manageable.

    Unfortunately, it has taken far longer to heal the effects to my body. Although I am feeling healthier and happier than I have in a very long time, I still battle with joint pain and the occasional backache. All those years of chronic stress unfortunately left some lasting scars.

    That is why I am so happy that you invested in this guide and invested in yourself. The sooner you get your stress under control – the better.

    Here is to less stress and more happiness …  Coach Diane