• Have a Great Money Mindset!

    Money, like it or not, effects every area of your life! I like to say "how you do Money, is how you do everything!" so I wanted to give you some practical information and some woo-woo insights (I'm a firm believer in Law of Attraction) on this website so you can have a happy and healthy money mindset! - Coach Diane

  • My Take on Money ...

    I am passionate about helping all women over 45, including you, to get to a position of financial freedom and a healthy money mindset so that you can live the life you desire.  Money isn’t everything … but, it does help you have more choices in how you live the next several decades of your life.

    I'm sure you can relate ... sometimes it seems like the financial part of our lives is the most challenging area in which to succeed. There always seems to be something that moves us backward instead of ahead toward a bright financial future. Maybe it’s some unexpected medical expenses, all of a sudden the car needs a major repair, or maybe (in a worst case scenario) you were unexpectedly 'downsized'.

    When it comes to money, sooner or later there’s a wake-up call that happens for each of us. For me it was right after I quit my job, and then my husband left (never to return), my daughter was getting ready to go off to college (a rather expensive one) and I was responsible now for a huge house, my daughter, my elderly mother (who lives with us), a dog and two cats!  

    I knew I had to get a handle (and quickly) on my money situation. What I found while I implemented a lot of the practical strategies I have on this site, I discovered a lot of my money issues actually were caused by my money mindset.

    I know that the idea of mindset or law of attraction may be 'new-ageey' or woo woo for some, but for me ... I'm into it. :-)   I have found that a good balance of practical and magical have helped me with my money mindset, and in turn, my finances.  I'm rarely, if ever stressed, when it comes to money.

    I hope you find the practical information I've put on this website useful and that you may be intrigued with the more 'woo-hoo' information. - Coach Diane