• A Personal Message from Diane ...

    We all want our life to have meaning, and women in particular want the second half of our lives to be meaningful. By this time, we understand that life isn’t a dress rehearsal.

    My name is Diane Adkins, and I help to empower women, regardless of their circumstance.

    Unfortunately, for most of us, there are times it seems that the universe is conspiring to throw every problem at us at once (the old Murphy’s Law in action) and there are other times when you just feel overwhelmed.

    I can relate ...

    During my early forties I experienced what I can only sum up as the “perfect storm” of stress and change. After many years of thinking about it, I decided to leave a well-paying but incredibly stressful job; my daughter was starting her senior year of high school and would be leaving for college soon; my mother, who is in her eighties, was living with us; and my husband of 23 years decided on a sunny Sunday morning to walk out the door and never return.

    It is a time in my life where the idea of being 'empowered' or living my life to the fullest seemed unattainable. Grumpy, tired, depressed, short-tempered, negative, frazzled, and did I mention negative … now, those feelings hit the mark.

    As this perfect storm swirled around me, I made a decision – I decided I did not like the way I was allowing all these ‘circumstances’ to affect me. I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. And, I was really sick and tired of being negative all of the time. I realized that I was allowing circumstances to take away my 'power' and it was dramatically affecting how I felt, how I treated others, and how I was living my life.

    I then made a conscious decision to start to look at all these changes that were happening in a more positive light, I took responsibility for my life, I did a lot of 'soul-searching', I hired a coach (best decision of my life) and a funny thing happened – my whole outlook on life started to shift (for the better).

    Now, did my life all of a sudden become wonderful?  Of course not. I just learned how to view what was happening differently, I embraced the idea of transformation, and I can honestly say that I began to have a much more positive outlook about life and my future.

    I would like to encourage you to use the information on this site and start to notice the positive changes that come about in how you feel about your life today and your future.

    As always …

    Be Empowered!

    Your Coach - Diane, The Empowerment Expert