• Ready to Make a Career Change?

    Right now, at this time in your life, is the perfect time to consider making a career change. You will most likely work for another 15 or even 20+ years ... why not have a career you love?  I hope that you find the information on this site inspiring! - Coach Diane

  • My Career Change Journey ...

    In my early forties although my job looked great on paper (and I was making good money), but I was burned out (understatement of the century!).

    I knew it was time to make a change when I realized that every task I used to love doing in the job, now irritated me to no end. Areas that I used to find interesting, now bored me. I had no “get up and go” and finally faced the fact that I was not doing any favors to myself or the company by just “going thru the motions.”

    It was then that I reached out and found a coach. This coach helped me to realize that it wasn’t too late to really explore and decide what I wanted to do for the next ten, twenty or thirty years. So, I started on my new path and I have never looked back!

    I am now the successful owner of Better Beyond Coaching Solutions which provides strategies and solutions for women over 45 to live the life they desire and I now wake up every day looking forward to what the day will bring.

    So, picture yourself getting clear on what you want and having a plan to make your dreams a reality ... it's all possible, because this time in your life  is the perfect time to find career fulfillment! - Diane